It’s getting to be the end of the season

I don’t think we’ll see any new bird nests until next year and all the babies are gone already. 😦

The splash park is coming along, though, slowly.

Splash park (2) Splash park

I’m worried that progress of the splash park has chased away the last of the nesters.

Two weeks ago, this nest only had two eggs and I’m pretty certain that 2 weeks is longer than the eggs normally hatch. They’re still pretty eggs. We’ll check again to see if there was any progress.

Bird house #1

And this partial nest hadn’t even been there but with all the noise and activity from construction, I wouldn’t be surprised that it still looks like this next week.  I guess it’s hard to tell that there’s still a hole at the bottom to show it’s not completed.

Bird house #2

The poor waterfall is even slowing down. I think it means we need more rain! You don’t normally see the rocks at the bottom of the second falls. (And yes, son #1 did climb down to get the bag of trash down there.)

IMG_3599_1 IMG_3602_1

Our fun find of the week… Does anyone even play badminton anymore?


And, the ultimate ‘catch and release’ in the fishing program. I caught him with my camera 😉


Stay cool everyone, Fall hasn’t even started yet!

Until next week..

~the mom

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