Something rotten in Denmark

Whew! I don’t know if they have skunk cabbage at the park, but there was a big old stink going on near the waterfalls. Otherwise, it was another beautiful day at the park.IMG_3627_1

We’re confused about box #1. We didn’t get a good shot of the eggs last week, but it looked like there were five in there last week and now there are six. But, they’re not hatching? That might not be a good sign. 0803150959_1

It’s fun to see all the geese hanging around. They always think we have some food for them, but we’re out there to pick up the bits of trash that wouldn’t be good for them to eat. Today, we saved them from half a sleeve of styrofoam cups among other things.


We found tracks…


Okay, they were people tracks but these are a little more interesting… Geese tracks!IMG_3617_1

I wonder if the stench was just from the water being so low. IMG_3624_1

I should have taken another picture of the splash park before we left because they had a lot of 2×4’s up by then. I hope we can use it when it’s finished! It seems to be taking forever to get built! 0803151000_1

Until next time…

~the mom


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