There’s still something stinky at the park…

A couple of things actually. One being the same stench we smelled before. I’m not sure if it’s the low water tables or if something died but PEEE-EWWWWW! And, someone(s) broke into the construction crews equipment! How mean is that??

The splash park is coming along nicely. I keep wondering if they’re going to stop at some point since I’m pretty sure they won’t be done before the weather starts cooling off.


The water isn’t as low as it was, but it’s still pretty low (and still pretty!)IMG_3644_1

Can you believe that we still have baby birds?? We think there were six eggs in this nest (laid over a several week period) but now it looks like there are only three bluebird babies.


We had a dangerous find of the day but didn’t get a good picture of it. Someone was shooting blunt arrows in the forest! Who does that?? We also found a couple interesting finds. One was some sort of dog tether. There was a hook attached to a chain, tied to a rope and then tied to a metal stick that probably went into the ground to keep the small dog (or maybe cat) close by and then there was this water logged boot.


I thought this was an interesting view over a fallen tree.


It was a pretty day, but we’re sure looking forward to some cooler weather!IMG_3666_1

Until next time,

~the mom

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