September visit

Oops! I was reminded today that I forgot to post our last visit to the park. The little brother was sick so just the big brother and I headed out. It’s been raining here for the last two weeks so we’re hoping to get back out there next week.

I suspect that with all the rain, the waterfalls will be a bit bigger when we get there.


It was such a beautiful day. Autumn is my favorite season and it was just starting to cool off a bit.

IMG_3682_1 IMG_3683_1

I guess this was our fun find of the week. We weren’t sure what they were doing with the logs here. It’s normally a fishing spot.


The birds are gone from the nests. We were worried that this one didn’t get to hatch all their eggs. The construction of the new splash pad seemed to have scared them off. 😦


But, the splash pad is coming along nicely! I hope it won’t be too expensive to get in there. It would be nice just to be able to walk through there after a hot walk through the park. IMG_20150914_095255600_1

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