Thank you! (And Thousand Year Flood update)

The park has been cleaner this year than it was last year so I want to thank all of you who litter less these days!

We finally got back to the park after they had been closed down by the flood. There were some changes! I think the greatest change was the park office that has been emptied out. They had to remove the flooring because there was about an inch of water covering the entire office. So yay! They get to do a little remodeling!

The Splash pad is still being worked on and I didn’t see any damage to that.


There was this tree down in the park area that took out a couple picnic tables. It always amazes me at how strong a bit of Mother Nature can be on things. Our favorite ranger told us how her husband had walked down towards the lake during the flooding and he couldn’t even make it to the office because the water was so deep and moving swiftly.

IMG_20151019_114729760_1 IMG_20151019_114802451_1

The ducks and the geese were still there. We didn’t hear many other birds, though. The water was very low and really brown. The ranger said that it was done on purpose so that the engineers could come out this week to examine the waterfalls – which have been fenced off because the ground is unstable.   IMG_20151019_115218844_1 IMG_20151019_115722340_1IMG_20151019_120110943_1IMG_20151019_115821640_1

Here’s where part of the trail gave out near the culvert:


And here you can see dirt piled up on the platform in the middle of the lake:IMG_20151019_130632925_1

There was very little color in the park, but it’s coming! (I think there was more color in the Walmart parking lot today! LOL)

IMG_20151019_114109120_1 IMG_20151019_124203586_1

There were spots where it looked like they might have brought in sand bags, but our ranger said it was just the white sand being relocated during the flood.

A few of the trails have been blocked off, but the good news is that the main trail is just fine! We hope you get out to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer soon!

Until next time,

~the mom

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