Homeschool Co-op!

I’m so excited to be starting up a new semester of co-op next week! I’ll be leading a STEAM class (like STEM but with Art now.) and a Speech and Debate class but we have so many exciting classes. I want to take most of them! American Natives, Anthropology (mostly because the teacher is so excited about her class!), Life Skills, Drama, Writing, Art, World Religions…. I’m trying to talk them into having the classes one at a time so I can attend them all. I think I’m outside the designated age range for the classes, though. Sigh…. isn’t that always the case?

I’m making the boys take the writing class because I think they both can use that the most but I let them pick the other ones. Little brother is excited about Drama but big brother is mostly along for the ride. I hope they both enjoy the classes they’re taking.

Is anyone else out there homeschooling? Have you found that most homeschoolers are turning to co-ops lately? I think they’re great but I’m missing all the field trips that we used to go on. I might have to hit up the field trip coordinator and see what’s available in the area for middle/high school that we haven’t been on yet and get a couple planned. Who has time for actual book work anymore??

Here’s to a great second half of our school years!

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