Sorry I’m late blogging this week!

But, we still had fun out there. It was another really hot humid day so we didn’t make it the whole way around the lake, but we did find these in two of the bird boxes:

I think these didn’t hatch from the last time 😦


And look how the baby on the left is cuddles around an egg. I’m guessing that one might not hatch either 😦

20150713_22_1The splash park is still a long ways off…


And there were a couple interesting finds…

Anyone need a pen or a Fishing and Hunting Guide?

IMG_3516_1 Β IMG_3525_1

Mom? Is that you?


It was so hot, the water wasn’t even running over the waterfall… How’s that for hot??


Stay cool people!

Until next week…

~the mom

Another beautiful day for a walk in the woods…

It had been over 100 for the last two weeks so getting out in the woods on Monday when it was about 75 was blissful! It did seem pretty hot and humid by the time we left, but that’s okay.

We found two baby Carolina Wrens in one of the boxes. It’s almost spooky at how quiet some birds are. We didn’t see mama (or daddy) and thought they might have flown the coop already but here they are…


We saw a lot of Cardinals flying around this picnic table. I did catch two in this picture – one under the table and one on the left side of the picture but you have to enlarge the picture to see the red spots that are Cardinals. I wonder if they’re attracted to any sort of bird box.


I’ve never seen the bluebird flying around the park, but I finally saw one. Here she is outside her box and then a picture of her pretty blue eggs she laid for us. πŸ™‚

IMG_3499_1 IMG_3500_1

Our fun find of the day, a party blower! Or the tiny frog?

IMG_3501_1 IMG_3506_1

It’s very interesting to get out here each week or at least every other week and see that the same things happen every year (we found the tiny frogs about this time last year too.) But, it’s always changing, always different. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Until next time…

~the mom

I think it’s melting season!

Yeah, not mating or molting, just melting season. Even though I had to brush the pup twice last week and she’s molting and there are currently two active nests at the park so they’ve been mating…. I think I’m going to melt if I have to step foot outside again – 100+-degree temps all week! Ick.

Anyhow, after the melting, we did get out to the park yesterday. We’ve decided to leave dive-bombing mama alone. They’re putting a splash park up and the prepping started yesterday so I’m sure that will be enough trauma for her. The boys and I are wondering if we’ll be able to walk through the water every now and again or if we’ll have to pay extra for that. It would be a nice way to cool down.

Geese and babies:
IMG_3451 - Copy

Pretty lake
IMG_3455 - Copy

Lilly pads with flowers

Trash we can’t pick up 😦

Until next week…

~the mom

Dive Bombing Mama is Back!

Yesterday was a nice day to take a walk in the woods. We had two interesting finds of the day. I thought there was something fishy about the binky but the boys thoughts the pink spoon was more interesting. Must be a boy/girl thing??

IMG_3435_1 IMG_3436_1 IMG_3444_1

Tell me that the binky wasn’t more interesting.

Anyhow, about the birds, we have two boxes with nests and eggs. Box #1 has the dive-bombing mama back so we couldn’t see what exactly was going on there but older son opened the box and there’s at least a nest in there. And it’s interesting to know that it’s the same parents starting a new nest already.I think that box was only empty last week and now it’s full again. The other box has a Carolina Wren in it with five eggs πŸ™‚

Carolina Wren eggs Box 4_1

We found our first wild nest in the woods. The babies were HUNGRY!


The bluebirds that we found out that were really alive last week have moved out already. Talk about growing up too quickly!

Some other beautiful pics from yesterday…

IMG_3426_1Β IMG_3430_1Β Β IMG_3433_1Β IMG_3439_1 IMG_3440_1 Β IMG_3445_1

See y’all next week!

~the mom

Good News!

We thought we had lost 3 nests of babiesΒ so I was a bit depressed and we didn’t go out last week, but we found out today that one of the nests was alive and well! πŸ™‚ They’re awful quiet though. Most of the nests get rather noisy with babies but not this bluebird nest! They were even big enough that I wouldn’t be surprised that they’re gone next week. More good news is that we have a new nest. We think it’s a Carolina Wren πŸ™‚


It was so sticky out there, we didn’t stay as long as we should have but we’ll be out there again in a week. πŸ™‚

The lilypads are full of flowers this time of year. πŸ™‚ There’s always something pretty to see.


Until next week…

~the mom

They’re flying the coop already…

We don’t get to know them well but it’s still sad to see them moving away from home already. It makes me thankful that I get to keep my boys a much longer time. πŸ™‚

These guys are hungry:

Two nests moved out already and one never made it past the egg stage. We’re hoping that one nest that still has eggs, hatches soon!

Empty Nest:


Abandoned nest 😦


Hatching in a nest nearby soon:


As usual, it was beautiful out there but it’s starting to get hot. We need to head out earlier in the morning:

IMG_3388_1 IMG_3389_1

Blends in well, doesn’t she?


Hope you get out to enjoy nature sometime this week!

Until next week…

~the mom

I love the babies

But, I’m a little worried about some. We still couldn’t get close to the first nest.

We didn’t see any mamas besides her this week. I’m worried about the picture with the beaks. They seemed awful hungry and that’s the bird that hissed at us previously. I hope we didn’t scare her away. The eggs with sand on them seem to be abandoned. 😦 The other two nests are looking good though. The other eggs were just laid in the past week so we should see new babies there next week!

IMG_3341_1 IMG_3350_1 IMG_3351_1 IMG_3355_1

Okay, I take that back… We did get to enjoy the mamas of the baby geese (and daddies but mostly the babies) They’re so cute. Too bad they’ll grow up to be so noisy πŸ˜‰

IMG_3344_1 IMG_3346_1 IMG_3347_1 IMG_3348_1

All in all, it was another beautiful day for a walk in the woods πŸ™‚

IMG_3356_1 IMG_3360_1

See y’all next week!

~the mom